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Private-Label Sparkle + Shine Stick


Our Private-Label Sparkle + Shine Stick, the perfect on-the-go jewelry cleaning product. Designed for ease of use like your favorite cosmetics, simply twist the base and use the built-in brush to apply the cleaning solution to the entire piece of jewelry, even underneath stones and onto those hard-to-reach settings and mountings. The specially formulated jewelry cleaning solution is strong enough to remove daily build-up of oils and dirt, but gentle enough for regular use on all types of jewelry, from diamonds to delicate pearls, beads and fashion jewelry.


TSA-approved size

Ideal for bridal and other jewelry with settings and mountings

Long-lasting formula will
not dry out

Customization Options

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Stick Color

Ink Color

How to Use:

To safely clean your jewelry, remove the cap of your Private-Label Sparkle + Shine Stick and twist the base until bubbles form on the brush. Apply cleansing solution to jewelry, using the brush to reach all surfaces and to scrub away oils and grime. Rinse and pat dry, then polish with a polishing cloth to add a finishing luster. This solution may be used on all types of jewelry.

Best Used On:

This Private-Label Sparkle + Shine Stick is formulated for use on a wide array of jewelry from beads and sterling silver to delicate pearls and unique fashion jewelry. This ammonia-free cleaner can be safely used on porous stones, soft stones, enamel and treated gemstones.

Built-in jewelry brush tip is perfect for cleaning underneath stones and around settings

Specially formulated jewelry cleaning solution is safe for

all types of jewelry, from diamonds to softer stones

and fashion jewelry

Add your logo

Made in USA

Choose stick and ink colors that best fit your brand

Cosmetic-style design is sophisticated and chic

About the Private-Label Sparkle + Shine Stick:

*Minimum order is 5000.

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