•      As Seen In: Shine OnPosted: 11/22/2012We are happy to note that we had yet another article featured in Brilliance, A Publication of the American Gem Society. This is the second in a series of four articles that will be published over the course of a year.  

    Please take a look at the story, Shine On, by visiting the online version here. Our thanks again to the American Gem Society for allowing us to partner with them to share information on jewelry care and cleaning with customers.

  •      As Seen In: The Knot Winter 2012Posted: 11/22/2012The Queen of Clean has shared many a jewelry cleaning tip with family, friends and here at #cleanjewelry. So it was no surprise when she

    was tapped to offer some care and cleaning tips to the good folks at The Knot. They were putting together a special article on all things diamond ring and asked the Queen of Clean for some quick hits about how to keep a diamond engagement or wedding ring sparking. We were so excited to have Kristie's advice appear in the winter 2012 edition.

     Check it out!

  •      Trade Secrets from the Queen of Clean: Buckeyes Clean UpPosted: 10/24/2012The Buckeyes are the big game in town, so I

    was very excited to join Mindy Drayer at NBC4 last Sunday to share the secret to keeping Buckeye jewelry as shiny as the Buckeye's sterling record.


    From jewelry made with real buckeyes to fashion pieces and finer jewelry, I cover all the tricks you need to know. Take a peek and learn some more of my trade secrets! Our thanks to The Diamond Cellar and The Buckeye Bead for sharing samples for our use in the segment!

  •      As Seen In: Polish and Panache in In Store MagazinePosted: 09/14/2012How exciting to be featured in the September

    edition of In Store Magazine. They highlighted the Polish and Panache of our new Luxury Polishing Cloths. We couldn't be more thrilled!

  •      As Seen In: Columbus Business FirstPosted: 07/14/2012How exciting to have Columbus Business First write a feature story on Kristie Nicolosi, our President & CEO, and The Kingswood Company

    We hope you enjoy reading about Kristies entrepreneurial journey. We are so grateful for our customers (current and future) whose business allows us to continue to grow and thrive.

  •      Meet Brittany DotsonPosted: 06/23/2012A few months ago, we introduced you to one of our Sales Executives, Lillian Schmid. Now we want you to meet Brittany Dotson, our indispensable Office Manager who ensures that our office runs flawlessly every single day. We

    are so grateful to have her as part of the Kingswood team.


    Could you give us a little background about



    I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a major in Psychology. My long-term career plans are as yet undetermined, but I am so grateful to have such a wonderful job while I am figuring those plans out.


    Where in the world would you most like to travel? Why?


    I love learning about ancient cultures. I have already visited Egypt (with Lillian Schmid, our wonderful Account Executive!), so my next top choices would be Athens and Rome. It would give me a chance to put my Art History minor to some use!


    What is the last great book you read?The Mismeasure of Woman by Carol Tavris. Tavris is a respected social psychologist and one of my role models, whom I had the pleasure of meeting.


    Describe your favorite customer experience.


    I do not usually get to work directly with the customers, but I love helping our account executives follow through with their promises. Recently a customer found out that he needed his jewelry cleaner sooner than he originally expected. He asked if we could get him his product within four business days, and we did! He was so appreciative that it arrived just in time for his planned event, which made all the hard work even more worth it.


    What is your favorite thing about jewelry cleaner? Who doesn’t want to sparkle? Plus, it is a wonderful feeling to tell someone that my jewelry looks so wonderful because of the product my company makes. What is your favorite part of your job at The Kingswood Company?


    I love that I have a hand in just about all aspects of the business. It keeps me busy, and I get to learn something new every day, whether it is about customer service, collaborating with vendors, shipping or the screen printing process itself.


    What product would you most like to see The Kingswood Company offer?


    I always said purple jewelry cleaner, but we just launched it! Dreams do come true.


    Do you have a fun ritual at work? Is there something you HAVE to do before you can work?


    I have to check in with the rest of the team to see how their day is going and what they need. I want everyone’s day to go well, and if I can help them get something done when I get here (I work afternoons), I want to know right away!

  •      As Seen In: In Store: An Inspection Is Not Just a CleaningPosted: 05/31/2012We were very excited to have another article

    published in theInStoreMag.com blog. Here is the post in its entirety.


    To properly care for a piece of jewelry, it should be

    taken to a jeweler once or twice per year for an inspection. Most jewelers will provide an annual inspection at no cost as part of a purchase agreement, and many jewelers are happy to inspect a piece even if it was not originally purchased in their store.


    When jewelers communicate with their customers, it is important that they differentiate between routine cleaning and an annual inspection. Often jewelers tell their customers to “come in anytime” to get their piece cleaned. But this well-meaning statement can cause confusion.


    It comes down to the language used and what it means to the customer. The jeweler hopes that by offering a cleaning anytime, she is encouraging that customer to return to the store often. But what does the customer hear? “How nice that I can come back here for a cleaning when I want to, but I can probably do that at home, too.”


    But when a jeweler explains that the customers should return at least once a year for an inspection, the customer’s reaction is different. An annual inspection sounds important and is a call to action. It is something not to be missed.


    Jewelers are also better off not minimizing the importance of an annual inspection by referring to it as a “cleaning.” While an inspection does include a lovely professional cleaning, it also requires that the jeweler use her expertise to examine the stones and settings for damage or weakness. An inspection requires expertise; and jewelers establish themselves as experts in their field through the inspection process.


    This is not to say that jewelers shouldn’t help their customers understand the importance of and how to conduct routine cleanings. Ideally they will explain how to safely clean a piece using at-home products, while also emphasizing the importance of returning for an inspection and professional cleaning once or twice a year.


    The jeweler’s choice of language is important. It is easy for experts in a field to forget that terminology may have a different meaning for the layperson. When jewelers choose their words carefully, their customers get a more thorough appreciation for how to properly care for their purchase, both at home and through their jeweler.

  •      As Seen In: In Store: If
    You Sell It, They Will
    (Still) Come to Your Store
    Posted: 05/23/2012We were thrilled to have our article featured in

    the InStoreMag.com blog. Here is the post in its entirety.


    At The Kingswood Company, we sometimes hear from retailers that they are leery of carrying jewelry cleaning products in their store because they believe that if they offer the customer a free in-store cleaning instead of an at-home product, the customer will come back to the store more frequently.


    We get it. Retailers want traffic, and offering enticing ways to get customers to your store is key. But does offering free in-store cleanings really increase store traffic? And on the flip side of the coin, does offering at-home cleaning products discourage traffic? We’ll take a look at both sides.


    Does offering an in-store cleaning really the best way to drive traffic?


    Your goal is traffic and offering a free cleaning seems like a great idea, but your customers need their jewelry cleaned more often than they can reasonably come back to the store. Jewelry that is worn frequently needs to be cleaned routinely, weekly or even daily, so if the customer did come to the store each time she needed her ring cleaned, mayhem would ensue. Every jewelry store would have a line out the door with people waiting to have jewelry cleaned, and every salesperson would spend his day cleaning jewelry rather than selling it. Jewelers don’t really want to see their customers for every cleaning, any more than a dentist wants to brush his patients’ teeth each day.


    The goal of store traffic is to improve the chances of making a sale. If customers did come in every week to have a piece cleaned, would they really purchase something each and every time? Unless you have the Imelda Marcos of jewelry as a customer, probably not.


    But offering a service to your customer as an enticement to come back to the store is a good idea. Offering an annual or semi-annual inspection, which includes a professional cleaning, is a better solution. It encourages your customer to come in within a more reasonable time-frame, once or twice a year, and the service you are offering is of greater value.


    Does offering at-home jewelry cleaning products deter customers from coming back to the store?


    Many jewelers have expressed concern that selling at-home cleaning products in their store will discourage their customers from returning to the store for cleanings. This is not the case, especially when the jeweler clearly explains to the customer the difference between at-home routine cleaning and an annual inspection and professional cleaning. Think about it, does your dentist not give you a toothbrush because she is worried that you won’t come back for your next check-up? Not at all.


    If jewelers do not offer at-home products to their customers, there are three outcomes. First, your customer really does come to the store every time her jewelry needs to be cleaned, draining your store of time and energy that could be spent in better ways. Second, they are buying at-home cleaning products elsewhere, depriving you of an add-on sale or follow-up sales when she needs more cleaner. The third option is that your customer is wearing dirty jewelry or has stopped wearing the piece because it is dirty. That means she is not fully enjoying her purchase or wearing something that no longer looks beautiful.


    When jewelers offer jewelry cleaning products, they know that their customers are cleaning their jewelry properly. And when she is wearing beautiful, sparkling jewelry that gets attention, she is referring her friends to your store.


    Care and cleaning of jewelry can indeed be a driver of traffic. But by offering jewelry care products, you can help ensure that it is the right kind of traffic.

  •      Passion for PurplePosted: 05/06/2012I was very excited last week when a project we had been working on for some time came to fruition. We have been asked many times over the years, by customers, friends, colleagues and even my daughter, Eva, why we don't offer

    purple jewelry cleaner. It's a valid question. Purple is a lovely color that would work beautifully in jewelry stores; so why wouldn't we offer it?


    The key answer is that adding colors to our line is not something we do haphazardly. From the time The Kingswood Company offered its first Emerald Green jars of cleaner in 1955, only two other colors had been added to the line: Sapphire Blue and Sweetheart Pink. So we analyzed the situation to determine if the addition of purple would bring value to our customers and be in keeping with the sophisticated products we are so proud to produce. We pride ourselves on offering the most customizable line in the industry, so in the end we determined that purple would be a fabulous addition to the other beautiful colors we offer.


    Then we went to work. We knew that we had to develop the perfect shade of purple, one that evokes richness and jewel tones. We produced many batches, reviewing each shade carefully. It is surprising how many hues of purple exist; we had batches ranging from reddish pink to blueish green. There were so many pretty purples to choose from, but eventually we chose the one that spoke to us. It has that richness and jewel-like feel we were looking for. In fact, it's such a regal color, we christened it Royal Purple.


    While Royal Purple Fine Jewelry Cleaner is already in limited production, we are very excited to unveil it at the JCK show next month. If you are one of our customers who has been patiently waiting for purple jewelry cleaner, please stop by and meet the newest addition to our family of products!

  •      Helping Mother EarthPosted: 04/22/2012At The Kingswood Company, we celebrate Earth Day every day. We are very proud of our sustainability efforts, from producing all non-toxic and biodegradable products to reducing the amount of plastic we use in our jars, among

    others. But in honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share yet another earth-friendly product we offer.


    Our cream-colored polishing cloths are as green as they are cream. While most fabrics are bleached and then dyed, our cream-colored fabric is untreated, natural cotton. The natural color is beautiful, and we embrace the natural fiber flecks that are not present in bleached fabrics. In addition, the fabric for our all of our polishing cloths (no matter what color) is made of 100 percent cotton, and is milled in the United States rather than being sent from overseas. This reduces the use of fuel for shipping.


    So as you polish your favorite jewelry to a beautiful shine, you can pat yourself on the back for being kind to Mother Earth.

  •      2011 Marks Significant GrowthPosted: 02/11/2012We were excited this week to distribute this press release regarding our growth in 2011. We are so grateful to all of our customers,

    old and new!


    The Kingswood Company Announces Significant Growth in 2011



    The Kingswood Company, the industry’s leading supplier of private-label fine jewelry care products, reported in January significant growth during 2011, with the     addition of more than 130 new accounts. The company asserts that such growth reflects its focus on customized product offerings and superior customer service. Kingswood saw expansion in the United States, Canada and Asia.


    “The economic realities of today require that we focus even more closely on our customers,” explained Kristie Nicolosi, President & CEO of The Kingswood Company. “We have sought to distinguish ourselves from our competitors with a wide range of customizable products offered by a staff unparalleled in the business. Clearly that approach is working.”


    Building on a successful 2011, Kingswood plans to announce new product offerings in 2012 that will further differentiate the company from its rivals. Each new product offering expands the wide array of options available to customers, which allow them to design their own packaging using a variety of artwork, cleaning formulas, polishing cloths, container sizes and colors.


    Headquartered in Columbus, OH since 1956, The Kingswood Company is a member of the American Gem Society, the American Chemical Society and the Private Label Manufacturers Association and is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

  •      They Live to DeliverPosted: 01/07/2012The art and science of shipping is a mystery to most of us. You wrap up a package, call or drop by the shipper, and poof, it is off. Most of the time, it reaches its destination, and you never have to think to worry about it. But when you

    think (or worry) about it, the fact that most what we ship gets where it's going is pretty amazing.


    We at The Kingswood Company ship stuff - A LOT OF STUFF. Our shipper is integral to what we do, so when FedEx offered us a tour of their facility, we jumped at the chance to see the process in action! About half of all the boxes we ship and about 95 percent of all our shipments are shipped via FedEx. As a team, we were thrilled to learn about how our product is handled once it leaves our dock.


    We got to watch "the sort" from way up on high, which was fascinating; this terminal processes 15,000 packages per shift during regular business and up to 30,000 packages during the holidays. We also got to see a truck loaded with some of our product. Some of our boxes were upside down (yikes, it's full of liquids!), but that was an opportunity to talk with the Terminal Manager about the importance of keeping our boxes upright.


    We know that is not usually a problem for FedEx, because very, very few of our boxes come back to us with damage or leaking. This is helped by the very sophisticated packaging we have developed to help prevent leaking. In addition, 99.8 percent of our boxes are delivered on time - an impressive statistic that helps us meet our very high customer service standards.


    Thanks to the folks at FedEx for taking the time to show us around. It was an experience we won't soon forget.

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