•      Let Your Expertise ShinePosted: 12/23/2015The insanity of the pre-holiday shopping phase rapidly segues to the post-holiday returns and sizing phase. This is a great time to build relationships with your customers with some quality face-time. Whether you are being asked  

    to size a new ring or to exchange an item that just wasn’t quite right, it is a perfect time to ask, “Can I show you how to clean this beautiful piece?”


    Hopefully you have some high-quality jewelry care products available for your customers, and maybe even some care and cleaning tips on your website or a printed card. We recommend sharing guidelines for routine home care of the piece, as well as a reminder to bring the piece back for annual inspections. Doing so reinforces you as an expert in your field and a trusted source of important information and effective cleaning products.


    Just as a dentist sends her patients off with a bag filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss, you can be sure your customers leave with a professional liquid cleaner and polishing cloth, as well as some instructions on how to care for her jewelry. Your customer will be sure to return to you for inspections, cleanings, cleaning products and, of course, new jewelry.

  •      The Math Makes SensePosted: 11/19/2015Offering high-quality professional jewelry care products helps your customers enjoy their purchases from you for a lifetime. Your customers also stop back in from time to time to stock up on more, which helps drive traffic. But,

    can your jars of jewelry cleaner really bolster your bottom line? You bet they can.

    Add a 15 dollar sale of jewelry cleaning products to a percentage of your transactions and watch the numbers grow. It’s math that will make you smile.


    The add-on sale is a time-tried technique to increase sales, so it is beneficial to capitalize on the opportunity. Sales experts note the importance of offering an add-on that relates directly to the core product or service and of explaining how the add-on benefits the customer. Jewelry care products are ideal in this capacity for jewelers. Whether you offer single jars, polishing cloths or gift sets, private-label jewelry cleaner is a natural add-on which benefits both your customer and your  bottom line.

  •      Making an ImpressionPosted: 10/24/2015What does that jar of jewelry cleaner really do for your business? The decision to carry a private-label jewelry cleaner is multi-faceted. Jewelers certainly want to offer their customers a product that cleans beautifully, but by offering a product

    with your branding, your jewelry cleaner does so much more. Each jar that leaves your store reinforces your brand, offering multiple brand impressions over its life.


    According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), a 2014 global research study discovered that promotional products command advertiser recall among 85 percent of those surveyed. This advertiser recall far exceeds other types of advertising and marketing, not to mention it is significantly less expensive. Private-labeled products allow smaller businesses to level the advertising playing field with much larger companies. For most products, the cost-per-impression is much less than for magazine, newspaper, TV, radio and Internet advertising. In addition, the study found that people keep and use these branded products.


    Each time a customer cleans her jewelry, or even just sees the jar sitting among her other personal care products, your brand is reinforced. It reinforces the notion that your store is her store, that you are her jeweler. Her partner also notices the jar, which serves as a great reminder to visit your store for that next holiday or birthday present.


    There are other ways your jewelry cleaner can work for you as well. Offer your cleaner to be part of local charity goody bags. Or partner with a local nail salon, placing your cleaner at manicure stations so that customers can clean their rings while having their nails done.


    Your private-label jewelry cleaner cleans your customers’ jewelry, but it also provides ongoing advertising for your business at little cost to you.

  •      We Design for the EnvironmentPosted: 08/27/2015We at The Kingswood Company were very proud to announce earlier this year that our Natural Jewelry Cleaner formula was awarded

    the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment designation as well as placement on its “Safer Choice” product list. But what exactly do these designations mean? For jewelers selling this product, it’s important to know.


    The EPA created the Design for the Environment (DFE) program back in 1992 to help prevent pollution and its corresponding risk to humans and the environment. The program provides businesses and consumers with information about safer products and best environmental practices. One aspect of this is recognition of safer chemical formulations, like that used in our Natural Jewelry Cleaner.


    In order to receive DFE designation, businesses must design their products in a manner that reduces their environmental impact and negative effect on overall human health. The goal of the program is to affect the design process for products such that environmental and economic costs are reduced. The hope is that a balance can be struck between customer needs and environmental impact.


    In addition to trying to affect the design process, the program notifies consumers of products that meet these goals. The EPA’s Safer Choice product listing offers consumers concerned about the environment and safe chemicals a place to select products that meet those criteria. Currently, more than 2,000 products qualify to carry the Safer Choice label, but the formula used in The Kingswood Company’s Natural Jewelry Cleaner is the only jewelry cleaning formulation for gold, platinum and diamonds to have received this classification.


    Since its introduction in mid-2014, our Natural Jewelry Cleaner has continued to gain momentum, with jewelers choosing to offer the product to meet the needs of their environmentally conscious customers. While all Kingswood Company products have always been non-toxic and biodegradable, we are proud to offer a jewelry cleaning formulation that also meets the EPA’s stringent DFE and Safer Product designations.

  •      FAQ: Jewelry
    in the Shower
    Posted: 08/06/2015Do you offer answers to frequently asked questions on your website or via social media? Many women have questions about how to care

    for and clean their jewelry, and ideally they will turn to you, their trusted jeweler, for answers. Here is a response you can share to a question we've heard many times before: "I wear my jewelry all of the time, but I'm worried I shouldn't. Is it even safe to wear it in the shower?"


    "We hear lots of questions from women about how best to safely care for their jewelry. One frequent query: 'I wear my jewelry all of the time. Is that safe? Should I wear my jewelry in the shower?' The down and dirty answer is no, wearing your jewelry in the shower is really not a good idea.


    For starters, it's too easy for your jewelry to slip off of you and slide right down the drain, especially with the slippery assistance of soap. In addition, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and lotions can leave residue on your favorite piece, dimming its sparkle, or contain chemicals that may actually damage your jewelry.


    While removing your jewelry when you shower is the best choice, practically speaking, it may not always happen. Though there is certainly a risk, some people have jewelry they never remove for a variety of reasons. If you do end up wearing your jewelry in the shower (and really just due to regular wear), you will definitely want to clean the piece on a routine basis. Talk to your jeweler to determine what professional jewelry cleaning formula is best for the piece in question.


    If you are worried about losing your jewelry if you remove it, just be sure to put it in the same place every time. Whether it's in a small dish, a jewelry box or even a jar of jewelry cleaner (hey, you can keep your jewelry safe and clean it too!), being consistent with where you store your jewelry will help keep it safe."

  •      The Kingswood Company Returns to COUTURE as Jewelry Cleaner SponsorPosted: 08/06/2015The Kingswood Company, the world's leading

    supplier of high-quality, private-label jewelry care products, was again chosen by The COUTURE Show as exclusive jewelry cleaning line and the sponsor of the popular Sparkle + Shine Lounge. Response to the lounge and exclusive jewelry care line was so positive in 2014, COUTURE has expanded the line to further reflect their high standard of design, creativity and function. COUTURE, the premiere destination for luxury jewelry and timepiece brands, retailers and media, will be held at the Wynn Las Vegas, May 28 - June 1.


     This year’s product line will feature the addition of the COUTURE Natural Jewelry Cleaner, an all-botanical, hypoallergenic formula that is naturally derived, water soluble and devoid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Kingswood Company’s Natural Jewelry Cleaner formulation recently earned the EPA’s Design for the Environment and Safer Product Labeling designations, the only jewelry cleaning formula for fine gold, platinum and diamond jewelry to do so.


     “We are thrilled to welcome The Kingswood Company back to COUTURE, as their outstanding jewelry cleaning products represent our brand so well and meet our very high standards,” said Gannon Brousseau, Show Director. “With the ever-growing environmental awareness of our exhibitors, retailers and their customers, the COUTURE Natural Jewelry Cleaner was the perfect way to expand the line.”


     Again this year, COUTURE’s private-label line of jewelry care products will be available at the Sparkle + Shine Lounge, a great spot to relax and talk to The Kingswood Company’s experts about jewelry care and cleaning. Samples will also be provided to each exhibiting salon and the media.


     “Our experience last year at COUTURE was phenomenal,” explained Kristie Nicolosi, President & CEO of The Kingswood Company. “To share our passion for jewelry care and cleaning with the best the industry has to offer was humbling. We look forward to sharing a new product this year and to visiting with friends, new and old.”


     Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1956, The Kingswood Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, private-label jewelry care products. The Kingswood Company is the exclusive jewelry cleaner of The COUTURE Show and sponsor of the Sparkle + Shine Lounge.



  •      The Kingswood Company Natural Jewelry Cleaner Awarded Coveted EPA DesignationsPosted: 08/06/2015

    The Kingswood Company, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality, private-label jewelry care products, announced that its Natural Jewelry Cleaner formulation has been awarded the EPA’s Design for the Environment designation as well as placement on its “Safer Choice” product list. Launched at JCK


    Las Vegas in 2014, Kingswood’s Natural Jewelry Cleaner is an all-botanical, hypoallergenic formula that is naturally derived, water soluble and devoid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


    The Design for the Environment and Safer Product Labeling Program acknowledge that a cleaning product complies with significant environmental requirements and contains environmentally safe ingredients. These products are deemed to be safe for the environment, children and pets. With consumers becoming ever more concerned with making purchasing choices that are good for the environment, The Kingswood Company has seen the Natural Jewelry Cleaner gain traction with customers since it’s launch last year.


    “We are proud to offer the only jewelry cleaning formulation for gold, platinum and diamond jewelry designated as an EPA Design for the Environment Safer Product,” said Kristie Nicolosi, President & CEO of The Kingswood Company. “All of our jewelry cleaning formularies are non-toxic and biodegradable, but our Natural Jewelry Cleaner takes things to another level for the many consumers committed to making environmentally conscious decisions.”


    Like all Kingswood cleaning formularies, the Natural Jewelry Cleaner is available as a private-label product. Jewelers can choose to purchase stand-alone jars or pair the jarred product with an all-natural Professional Polishing Cloth in an All-Natural Revitalizing Jewelry Care System.


    Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1956, The Kingswood Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, private-label jewelry care products. The Kingswood Company is the exclusive jewelry cleaning line of The COUTURE Show and sponsor of the Sparkle + Shine Lounge.



  •      FAQ: Should I Wear My Jewelry at the Beach or Pool?Posted: 07/14/2015After this year's never-ending and brutally cold

    winter, many are ready to enjoy the summer months with days spent poolside or at the sandy shore. Which leads to a question women ask quite often: “Should I wear my jewelry at the beach or in the pool?”


    That’s a tough one, because of course when you are on vacation, you want to look fabulous. Not to mention, we see jewelry on bikini-clad women throughout our favorite fashion magazines. But is this really a good idea? The quick answer is probably not. There are lots of reasons why jewelry at the beach or poolside can end badly. The most obvious is the potential to lose a favorite piece in the waves or sand. The chemicals in chlorine from a pool or hot tub are damaging to metals; water can loosen any piece set with glue; sand can scratch a piece; and suntan lotions will gum up your gems, making them lose their shine.


    That being said, of course jewelry can look beautiful with your favorite bikini or caftan. If you simply must wear some jewelry, maybe this is a good time to pull out some of your fabulous fashion pieces. Pieces like this can usually hold up to more wear and tear, and should something terrible happen, you won’t be out thousands. Any jewelry you do wear to the beach or pool should be cleaned afterward to remove any oils (from sun lotions), salts (from the ocean or sweat), chemicals (chlorine) and sand. Use a cleaning formula that is appropriate for the piece (ask your jeweler if you are unsure) and polish it well with a polishing cloth. Happy travels.

  •      If You Sell It,
    They Will Still Come
    Posted: 07/07/2015At The Kingswood Company, we sometimes hear from retailers that they are leery of carrying jewelry cleaning products in their store because

    they believe that if they offer the customer a free in-store cleaning instead of an at-home product, the customer will come back to the store more frequently.


    We get it. Retailers want traffic, and offering enticing ways to get customers to your store is key. But does offering free in-store cleanings really increase store traffic? And on the flip side of the coin, does offering at-home cleaning products discourage traffic? We’ll take a look at both sides.


    Is offering an in-store cleaning really the best way to drive traffic?


    Your goal is traffic and offering a free cleaning seems like a great idea, but your customers need their jewelry cleaned more often than they can reasonably come back to the store. Jewelry that is worn frequently needs to be cleaned routinely, weekly or even daily, so if the customer did come to the store each time she needed her ring cleaned, mayhem would ensue. Every jewelry store would have a line out the door with people waiting to have jewelry cleaned, and every salesperson would spend his day cleaning jewelry rather than selling it.Jewelers don’t really want to see their customers for every cleaning, any more than a dentist wants to brush her patients’ teeth each day.


    But offering a service to your customer as an enticement to come back to the store is a good idea. Offering an annual or semi-annual inspection, which includes a professional cleaning, is a better solution. It encourages your customer to come in within a more reasonable timeframe, once or twice a year, and the service you are offering is of greater value.


    Does offering at-home jewelry cleaning products deter customers from coming back to the store?


    Many jewelers have expressed concern that selling at-home cleaning products in their store will discourage their customers from returning to the store for cleanings. This is not the case, especially when the jeweler clearly explains to the customer the difference between at-home routine cleaning and an annual inspection and professional cleaning. Think about it; does your dentist not give you a toothbrush because she is worried that you won’t come back for your next check-up? Not at all.


    If jewelers do not offer at-home products to their customers, there are three outcomes. First, your customer really does come to the store every time her jewelry needs to be cleaned, draining your store of time and energy that could be spent in better ways. Second, they are buying at-home cleaning products elsewhere, depriving you of an add-on sale or follow-up sales when she needs more cleaner. The third option is that your customer is wearing dirty jewelry or has stopped wearing the piece because it is dirty. That means she is not fully enjoying her purchase or is wearing something that no longer looks beautiful.


    When jewelers offer jewelry cleaning products, they know that their customers are cleaning their jewelry properly. And when she is wearing beautiful, sparkling jewelry that gets attention, she is referring her friends to your store.


    Care and cleaning of jewelry can indeed be a driver of traffic. But by offering jewelry care products, you can help ensure that it is the right kind of traffic

  •      The Truth About TarnishPosted: 07/01/2015Tarnish is not a jewelry-lover's friend. Your customers don't really know how it happens or what to do about it; they just know that it looks bad and keeps them from wearing their favorite jewelry. If your customers are flummoxed about

    tarnish, here is a handy list of frequently asked questions which you can share on your website or via social media to help them solve the tarnish problem.


    What is tarnish?

    Tarnish is the product of a chemical reaction between a metal and a non-metal compound such as oxygen or sulfur dioxide. A thin layer of corrosion forms over the metal, which mars its shine.


    What metals can tarnish?

    Your 24 karat gold (pure gold not mixed with other metals) and platinum will not tarnish, but pretty much all other metals will, including less-than-24 karat gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum and magnesium.


    How can I prevent tarnish?

    When jewelry is made of metals that can tarnish, you should be careful about how you store it in order to prevent contact with a substance that can cause tarnish. Leaving a piece exposed to the air will cause tarnish due to the exposure to oxygen, so these pieces should be stored in a box or pouch. Be sure that your storage option is designed for the purpose and does not use sulfur in the fabric, glue, paper or threads, as sulfur compounds will cause tarnish to develop.


    Anti-tarnish fabric is used to make pouches and to line jewelry boxes; anti-tarnish strips can be added to your storage to increase the protection. Anti-tarnish cloths and paper both contain substances that absorb or attract the tarnish-causing compound before it comes into contact with the metal. This process prevents tarnish from developing but does not remove existing tarnish.


    Can I buy jewelry that won’t tarnish?

    Gold and platinum jewelry will not tarnish, but is also more expensive. Gold or rhodium plating on silver is one option to prevent tarnish. There are also tarnish-preventing chemicals that can be applied to the metal to protect it for a period of time. While these options impede tarnish, they do not prevent it permanently. Plating and chemicals will wear away, eventually exposing the underlying metal to tarnish-causing agents. Talk to your jeweler about the best option for your needs.


    How do I remove tarnish?

    Tarnish can be removed through polishing with a professional polishing cloth or using a tarnish-removing cleaning formula. Ask your jeweler to recommend a suitable formula which is designed for the purpose.


    You may have heard about some at-home cleaning tricks for removing tarnish, like using toothpaste or a boiling water/baking soda/aluminum foil bath, but it’s best to use a professional product. Toothpaste is too abrasive and can scratch the metal, while the boiling water trick can remove designer antiquing, result in uneven discoloration, and even damage pieces that are not solid silver.

  •      In the Asian MarketPosted: 05/29/2015Last month, our President & CEO, Kristie Nicolosi, traveled to China to spend time with our sales team and meet customers in their stores and corporate offices. The Kingswood Company continues to expand globally, and our presence

    in China is our largest outside of the United States and has helped fuel our significant growth over the last several years. The jewelry market in China is changing rapidly, growing exponentially, but is so very different from that in the Western world. Rising discretionary income, in part due to more women in the workforce, combined with a large population of marrying age have stimulated this growth.


    Not long ago, most women in China did not own any fine jewelry; now China ranks behind just the United States in world diamond consumption. As these women become jewelry owners, they are embracing the experience with excitement and enthusiasm. Kristie recognized that these customers are similar to bridal customers in the United States in that they are new to the experience, fairly uneducated about jewelry and jewelry care, but very excited about being jewelry owners.


    During their meetings, our team spoke with jewelers and their sales staffs about the importance of educating new jewelry buyers on care and cleaning. Just as jewelers should do with young bridal customers in the United States, jewelers in China have an opportunity to harness their customers’ enthusiasm and passion to build a relationship. Care and cleaning education is an important piece of cementing that relationship.


    Our team also noted that the jewelers in China were impressed by The Kingswood Company’s products, indicating that our credentials from the American Gem Society and American Chemical Society demonstrate them to be the best in the category. Just as consumers look to Japan for electronics, Germany for cars, and France for skin care products, they are looking to the United States, and Kingswood in particular, for sophisticated chemical formulations, including products to care for their precious jewelry.


    “It is exciting to witness the growth of the jewelry market in China. I visited right after Chinese New Year, and the stores were just coming back to life after their biggest holiday season. Their customers are excited about their jewelry, and as the market matures, care and cleaning education becomes even more important,” Kristie noted.

  •      Meet Megan PowellPosted: 03/09/2015Periodically, we like to introduce you to a member of our staff whose hard work is so integral to the outstanding products and service The Kingswood Company offers. This month, we profile Megan Powell, Account Executive.

    Megan has been with The Kingswood Company for close to four years, having joined our staff immediately upon graduating from Capital University in Bexley, Ohio.


    Megan has become very involved in the Women’s Jewelry Association and is looking forward to the In the Know Conference being held March 10 in New York. For more information on the event or to purchase tickets, visit the WJA website here.


    What do you like about your job?

    I love working as an account executive. Sales work is challenging, allowing me to extend myself which is what I have always wanted to do. Working for Kingswood makes it so much easier, because we are all about doing what is right for our customers. It’s so rewarding to work for a company that is dedicated to surpassing people’s expectations. I really enjoy helping my clients develop their product line. Being part of meetings where we discuss ideas, reviewing the samples our fantastic design team creates, executing the final product, and then hearing from a customer that they love the product – it is a great feeling.


    And I love working at the jewelry shows! It is so much fun meeting our clients face-to-face and helping them choose a line of products. It is such a great opportunity to meet people in the jewelry industry, and I learn so much.


    How have you gotten involved in networking with others in the jewelry industry?

    Our President & CEO, Kristie Nicolosi, has been very involved in the Women’s Jewelry Association for a long time and encouraged me to get involved. I was excited to do so, but found it was hard to get together very often, as the Midwest Chapter meetings were held in the Chicago area. I spoke to other WJA members in Ohio and Kentucky who felt the same way, so I wondered if we could work to launch an Ohio/Kentucky chapter of WJA.


    I was introduced to Stephanie Wesdorp of Jewel-Craft and together we coordinated with the Midwest Chapter of WJA to get a regional chapter off the ground. It was exciting to be part of this effort, and eventually we put together a board in 2012. The support we have gotten from WJA has been amazing. Kristie was an outstanding resource, as were so many other women in WJA. I know people are so busy, but they were always willing to take time out of their day to offer us support.


    So the Ohio/Northern Kentucky Chapter is up and running?

    It is! We kind of jumped in with both feet, and each year it gets better and better. At the end of 2014, we were approved as an official chapter, so although we have have held events over the past couple of years, 2015 will be our inaugural year.


    Coming up in April, we are hosting an event which should be a lot of fun for our chapter. There is an exhibit at Kent State University in northern Ohio which features work from the American Jewelry Design Council. This year’s theme is Variations on a Theme: 25 Years of Design, which represents an archive of work by some of America’s most influential jewelry designers. Our event will be held on April 12, with a bus picking up participants from Kentucky, moving through Ohio and ending at the exhibit at Kent State University. It will be fun to ride together, catch up, network, and take in this amazing exhibit. (If you are interested in participating in this event, you can contact Megan at mpowell@thekingswoodcompany.com).


    I am also excited to attend the In the Know Conference next week, as well as the President’s Conference, where Stephanie and I can talk with the presidents of other chapters to learn how to improve our chapter. We also look forward to presenting our chapter’s Shining Star Award Tuesday night at In the Spotlight to Laurie Watt of Mayor & Watt.

  •      Resolve to ShinePosted: 01/19/2015After the whirlwind of December, the New Year gives jewelers the chance to take a deep breath. But January isn't the time to take a break; it's a great time to be in touch with your customers. It is a time of resolutions, vows to organize and

    improve one’s life. Why not reach out to your customers with some

    tips for care and cleaning of their beautiful jewelry? Or share this information when they stop in the store to size or exchange a holiday gift?



    Whether through Facebook, your website, email reminders or a mailing, encourage your customers to resolve to take better care of their treasured pieces. Here are some quick hits that you might consider using:



    1. “Resolve to keep your jewelry sparkling all year long. Be sure to clean your jewelry on a routine basis at home, using professional jewelry care products available from us.”


    2. “The New Year is a great time to get organized. Make sure you are properly storing your jewelry in pouches or a jewelry box with compartments. Both can protest pieces from tarnish and from damage due to contact or tangling.”


    3. “Did you know that you should have your fine jewelry inspected at least once per year? Schedule an inspection with us so we can make sure your favorite jewelry is in good condition, with no loose settings or stones. We will also give your jewelry a fabulous professional cleaning.”


    4. If you wish to have an image of your private label jewelry cleaner to use on your website, Facebook page or in a mailing, we are happy to provide one for you at no cost. It is a service we are glad to provide to our customers.

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