•      Do You Display? Luxury Products Deserve DisplayPosted: 12/04/2018Jewelers understand the importance of displaying merchandise. Cases and lighting are essential elements in every jewelry store,

    proper product placement to enhance the beauty and sparkle of pieces to appeal to your customers. Much like you meticulously plan the placement of your most stunning pieces, display of your custom care line must also be taken into consideration. Your custom jewelry care products are an optimal piece of your branding and the finishing touch of your product line.


    The days of unprofessionally stacking jewelry care products in a misshapen pyramid have passed. When you have invested in your custom jewelry care program, you have put your brand name on quality jewelry care products that represent the luxurious nature of your store, your products, and your brand.


    As a jeweler, your role is highly meaningful and expands beyond acting as a salesperson who rings up transactions. With your custom jewelry care products, you provide essential information and proper education to your customers on caring for all of their beloved pieces.


    What steps can be taken to best execute your jewelry care product display?

    Choose a point-of-sale display and locations in your store that allow you to present your custom jewelry care products in an attractive and cohesive manner. Point-of-sale displays are designed to best fit near your cash-wrap, repair desk or high traffic areas.


    The Kingswood Company offers both in-stock and custom-designed options. Ask an Account Executive for details.

    Provide jewelry care education cards to inform your customers about safe care and cleaning using your custom jewelry care products. These materials cement your status as a jewelry care expert, not just a salesperson, and are meant to go home with your customer’s purchases.


    With The Kingswood Company, you can choose from stock or custom-designed education cards.

    Include tester units of your custom jewelry care products in your point-of-sale display. Common at cosmetics counters, product testers provide the opportunity for your sales associates to demonstrate their knowledge and educate customers on how best to care for their purchases.


    We can provide product testers and tester labels for in-store use. Ask an Account Executive for details.

    Use display signage with strong messaging that appeals to your customers.

    The back of your signage can include product information and selling points, giving your sales associates an easy to-use reference sheet that is always on hand.


    The Kingswood Company offers a design template or can help you custom design both your point-of-sale signage and education materials. Ask an Account Executive for details.

    Unify your branding strategy with a custom designed planogram for your store. A planogram allows for consistency through staff turnover and/or from store to store.


    The Kingswood Company makes it easy to execute your vision, offering custom designed planograms for your point-of-sale display. Ask an Account Executive for details.

  •      Ultra-Clean
    With Ultrasonics
    Posted: 11/05/2018Jewelry lovers love to see their beautiful baubles sparkle like new everyday. By combining routine at-home cleaning with cleanings from your

    professional jeweler, this can certainly be achieved. A personal ultrasonic jewelry cleaner allows consumers to use professional technology at home. They can be a smart addition to an at-home jewelry care regime, along with liquid jewelry cleaning formulations, professional polishing cloths, jewelry cleaning wipes and more.




    Ultrasonic cleaners generate sound waves in liquid. The vibrations from the sound waves dislodge dirt and oils from jewelry, including from the surface of gemstones and metals as well as under hard to reach settings.



    The same sound vibrations that clean so effectively can also cause damage to some pieces.


    Your gold, platinum, silver, diamond, sapphire jewelry and waterproof watches, if in good condition, can be safely cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Other porous gemstones like pearls, or gemstones that have had surface fractures filled with oil or resin like some emeralds, or fracture-filled rubies or diamonds. should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.


     It is also important to note that ultrasonic vibrations will clean silver, but will not remove tarnish on their own.



    When a jeweler uses an ultrasonic, she will examine the piece carefully (with a loupe) for any weakness or damage before and after the cleaning While you cannot examine your own jewelry as carefully as an expert, do not use an ultrasonic on any piece that has visible damage, like a loose stone or bent or misshapen metal. Check your piece before and after use of the ultrasonic to look for damage. If you see any issues, be sure to bring it to your professional jeweler.




    Though you want to avoid an ultrasonic cleaner for pieces with more delicate gemstones, they can be cleaned at home using a non-ammoniated, gentle jewelry cleaning formulation from your professional jeweler. Soak the piece briefly or dampen a soft cloth with the formulation and wipe it down, then finish with a polishing cloth for a professional shine. A jewelry cleaning wipe or stick with a gentle jewelry cleaning formulation are also great options.


    In the end, if you want to clean your jewelry like a pro, an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can be a great option. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and be aware of which gemstones can - and cannot - be safely cleaned in an ultrasonic machine.

  •      Holiday Sparkle: Jewelry Care On The GoPosted: 10/22/2018With the holidays around the corner, many of us are getting ready for some special travel. Whether you are heading to see family, to a

    resort for some holiday R&R, or for work related travel, you will likely plan to bring along some of your beautiful jewelry. Here are our top six tips for traveling with your jewelry. Be smart and sparkle!


    Tip #1: Pack it correctly

    • When you pack your jewelry, use a jewelry roll or box designed to keep your pieces separated and protected. Gemstones can scratch metal or other stones, and chains can easily become tangled, if you don’t take this precaution.


    Tip #2: Stick to the carry-on

    • Be sure to pack your jewelry in your carry-on luggage. This avoids heartache if your checked back gets lost or stolen.


    Tip #3: TSA tips and advice

    • You may want to remove your jewelry roll from your carry-on bag and place it in a bin for TSA screening. This is because metal jewelry shows up on the x-ray, often causing the agents to pull your bag for additional screening. If having your jewelry out of your bag in a crowd makes you nervous, you are within your rights to ask TSA for a private screening.


    Tip #4: Utilize your hotel's amenities

    • Once you reach your destination, use a room safe or check your jewelry at the front desk for safe-keeping.


    Tip #5: Always be prepared with insurance

    • Though you will do all you can to avoid loss or theft, you still should be sure to have your valuable jewelry insured. This may require a rider on your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Photograph and document the pieces to help in the unfortunate case you need to file a claim.


    Tip #6: Always keep it sparkling

    • While you might plan to clean your jewelry before your trip, it’s easy to run out of time due to packing, gift buying and such. It’s smart to pack some travel jewelry cleaning products to spiff up your pieces once you reach your destination. Do not use a toothbrush and toothpaste or other “home remedy” while on the road, most of which are ineffective if not downright dangerous. Consider a jewelry cleaning stick, jewelry cleaning wipe or a professional polishing cloth. All are perfect for cleaning jewelry on-the-go.

  •      Meet Kathleen GeorgePosted: 10/08/2018Periodically, we like to introduce you to a member of our staff whose hard work is so integral to the outsanding products and service The Kingswood Company offers. This month, meet Kathleen George, one of our outstanding

    Account Executives. Kathleen, a graduate of Miami University with a degree in biochemistry, has been with Kingswood for close to two years.


    What do you love about your job?


    The reason I like working in sales is that I love to help people and interact with them. At The Kingswood Company, I get to help customers determine which products would work best for their store. Together we create a really branded, stylized line that helps them with marketing and their bottom line. I really enjoy working with a variety of customers on lots of different types of projects!


    You were a biochemistry major in college. How have you been able to put that knowledge to use in your job?


    Being a biochemistry major, I obviously took a lot basic chemistry classes (not only biochemistry), which definitely gives me a deeper understanding of the chemistry that goes into our products. I feel like I can help my customers when they have questions about our formulas.


    I also have gotten to help with product development, which has been fun. We launched our Jewelry Care Wipes at the Vegas shows this year, and I was excited to work on the formulation and quality control of that project.


    What do you like to do in your free time?


    I love my reality TV - especially the Bachelorette! I have always loved watching it, but since I have been working at Kingswood, I am so much more aware of the beautiful jewelry they wear. I love to look at the jewelry on Instagram. Make-up is also a passion of mine, and I enjoy teaching classes and doing wedding make-up for brides. This also allows me to travel around Ohio and nearby states, which is fun. And I love checking out restaurants in Columbus, which is such a great food city. There are always new places to try, and it’s a great way to explore the city a bit. My new favorite is Arch City Tavern, which has the best burgers.


    What is the last good movie you saw?


    I don’t really see a lot of movies; I really prefer reality TV. La La Land was good, and so was Passengers.


    Kathleen's favorite customization option is the Luxury Jewelry Cleaner Jar. "I love how
    they give each formula a cosmetic, upscale look!"

  •      Very Vintage: Keeping Heirloom Jewelry BeautifulPosted: 09/25/2018The beauty of heirloom jewelry comes from both the piece's physical loveliness as well as from the story the piece tells. As a piece of jewelry is

    passed down through the generations, there is emotional resonance as the jewelry provides a connection from one generation to another. Vintage and heirloom jewelry have become increasingly popular, whether it is actually inherited from a family member or purchased from a jeweler.


    One member of the Kingswood team, Heather Brown, has a number of heirloom pieces left to her by her grandmother, who knew they would be meaningful to her. They provide a special connection to the family’s past, while also being unique. Vintage pieces stand out, offering a look that varies from current trends.


    One special and unusual piece is a gold charm bracelet with football, basketball and baseball charms. Each commemorates a special winning game during her grandfather’s Naval Academy playing and coaching career. An avid sports fan, Heather wears the bracelet often as a good luck charm for her kids’ games or her favorite college team. So, she needs to keep it shining for the luck to hold!

    Heather cares for this piece, using a Kingswood Professional Polishing Cloth. The non-rouge inner cloth is safe for the aged gold charms, and the outer cloth buffs them to a shine.

    See for yourself how much tarnish was removed from Heather's gold charms!

    Heather recently found another piece of jewelry in a box of her grandmother’s. It is an intricate, silver, art deco necklace. When she found it, it was completely tarnished, but now that she has restored its shine, she plans to wear it as a statement piece this fall.

    To remove years of tarnish, Heather used a Silver Jewelry Cleaner and a Professional Polishing Cloth.

  •      Shine Smarts: Jewelry Care Starter KitsPosted: 08/21/2018Starter Kits are a popular concept with consumers in many industries - think Clinique's famous 3-Step System in skincare and BMW's

    popular Complete Car Care Kit in automotive. These starter kits offer a variety of products along with specific instructions on when and how to use them. From bridal jewelry to graduation pearls, from amazing timepieces to silver jewelry and fashion pieces, your customers want (and need) to care for their beautiful jewelry at home. They will look to their professional jeweler for the tools and information to do so safely and effectively.


    A Jewelry Care Starter Kit would offer products that allow your customers to clean many or all categories of jewelry in her wardrobe. Here are some sample categories to consider as you build your private-label starter care kit:



    Bridal jewelry is often the first significant piece of fine jewelry a woman owns and it is generally worn daily, which means it needs frequent at-home cleaning with professional products. Help your bridal customers learn the best way to keep their precious wedding jewelry sparkling. A fine jewelry cleaning formulation with a jewelry brush is safe for gold, platinum, diamond and other harder gemstones. The brush allows for safe cleaning of delicate settings.


    Whether or not you offer fashion jewelry in your store, your customers are wearing it. Fashion pieces are perfect for very trendy items, statement pieces that are price-prohibitive in precious gemstones, and for wearing to the beach or pool to protect one’s fine pieces. Most of these pieces require more gentle cleaning as they may be glue-set, use softer metals or softer gemstones. A non-ammoniated jewelry cleaning formulation and a professional polishing cloth are perfect tools for this category of jewelry.

    Metal Jewelry

    Most women and many men wear gold, platinum and silver jewelry without set stones. These pieces develop build-up of dirt and oils and can become tarnished, so they do require at-home cleaning on a regular basis. Gold and platinum can be cleaned in a fine or gentle jewelry cleaning formulation and polished with a professional polishing cloth. To remove tarnish from sterling silver jewelry, your customers need a gentle or silver jewelry cleaning formulation and a treated polishing cloth.


    Customers away from home need to freshen up their jewelry to keep it shining after the gym or at the beach. This may not be as in-depth as an at-home cleaning, so offer easy, portable and TSA-sized products for the task. A portable jewelry cleaning stick, a jewelry cleaning wipe and a professional polishing cloth are all outstanding tools for cleaning jewelry on-the-go.


    Another piece that is usually worn daily, watch bracelets collect a build-up of dirt and oils which dim their shine, and can leave marks on your wrist! Even if a watch is waterproof, your customers are not comfortable soaking it in a cleaning formula and they typically do not own a steamer. So, they need another cleaning option. Polishing cloths, microfiber cloths and jewelry cleaning wipes make cleaning watches simple, as they can be used to wipe the bracelet and face, while keeping the inside mechanism dry.

    A Jewelry Care Starter Kit can be custom designed to best fit your jewelry product line. Assess what categories of jewelry your customers would most need to clean to determine what products should be included. Also consider that at-home jewelry cleaning is a two-step process of cleaning and polishing, so you will want a combination of products that clean and polish. Finally, the kit should offer instructions outlining how to clean different categories of jewelry and how to use the products offered.

  •      The Loupe: Our Shared Tool of the TradePosted: 08/07/2018Every business has its tools of the trade. One of the tools most associated with jewelers is the jeweler's loupe. It allows jewelers to gaze at the

    inner beauty of a gemstone to grade clarity or to map inclusions. Loupes are also used during an inspection to assess a piece for weaknesses and damage.


    At The Kingswood Company, we have our tools of the trade too. Not surprisingly, we use screen printing machines and sophisticated bottling machines that fill our jars with our trade-secret formulas. But, it might be a bit more surprising to learn that we often use a jeweler’s loupe too.


    Once you approve your product artwork, an exposure vellum is created with your approved design. This is inspected with a loupe by our design team to identify any possible issues before sending your artwork to screen-making, and on to production.


    Once the order is sent to production, with each order, our screen printers print a few initial jars or cloths for a pre-production quality control inspection. They look at the product carefully to ensure that the printing is up to our exacting standards, examining your logo to be sure that it has printed beautifully and matches the proof you approved. In addition to looking at them with the naked eye, our team uses a loupe for extra scrutiny. Sometimes there are issues that are not apparent at first glance but which affect the crispness of the printing, particularly over a large print run. If our screen printers have any concerns, they will meet with our design team, who will also utilize a loupe to help identify any issues and offer final approval that the execution is exact.

    If any problems with the printing are identified, the loupe comes into use again. Our screen printers use it to examine the screen itself, looking for any trouble spots or signs of wear. Use of a loupe (and their skills!) allow them to make almost microscopic repairs to the screen prior to printing, again to ensure the highest quality and crispness. Just as jewelers use a loupe to see the qualities of a gemstone that affect its beauty, our team uses one to ensure our print quality is second to none.


    We are very proud of our quality control systems and the hard work our production and design teams do to ensure that each product that leaves our facility meets our customers’ expectations. And we hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes glimpse at the work that goes into your private-label jewelry care products. It’s fun to note that jewelers and screen printers share a tool of the trade!

  •      Mean Chlorine: Protecting Your Jewelry in Pool SeasonPosted: 07/25/2018Summer is here with hot, sultry days that lead to

    lounging at the pool. For jewelry lovers, all this pool time poses a question: Is it safe to wear your treasured jewelry at the pool, especially since your diamond ring sparkles so beautifully in the sun? Sparkle aside, the answer is NO.


    Pools and hot tubs usually contain copious quantities of chlorine to kill bacteria, viruses and more. Chlorine does a great job of keeping the water clean for swimmers, but what's good for the water you swim in isn't so good for your jewelry.


    Your high school chemistry may be years behind you, but you probably remember the phrase "chemical reaction." Well, chlorine is a chemical and it reacts with metals, including silver, nickel and zinc. And, since gold is often alloyed or combined with other metals - including silver, nickel and zinc - to strengthen it, your gold jewelry will also react with the chlorine you are soaking in, doing damage in quick order.


    When chlorine is in contact with your jewelry, the chemical reaction will leave behind microscopic holes in the jewelry and will cause disintegration. This weakens the metal, which in time can cause it to break. And if your prongs break, you can lose the beautiful stone it’s holding. The chemical reaction with the metals can also cause your jewelry to turn black, which is probably not the look you wanted! Finally, while diamonds and harder gemstones are not susceptible to direct damage, softer gemstones and doublets can be dulled or pitted by contact with chlorine and other chemicals.


    In addition to avoiding chlorine in pools and hot tubs, similar damage can come from using cleaning products with chlorine. So, it is best to remove your jewelry when cleaning as well. And because it’s so easy for jewelry to slip off in the water, not wearing jewelry at the pool or beach is a good rule on many fronts.


    If you simply must accessorize your bathing suit or caftan, consider wearing fashion jewelry, which if damaged or lost will not cause such an emotional or financial hit. And remember, any jewelry you do wear in the summer is likely to get coated in sunblock, BBQ sauce or sand, so be sure to give it a proper cleaning to keep it sparkling. Check with your jeweler for professional products that are safe for the piece of jewelry in question. Most jewelers carry a line of professional jewelry care products designed especially for the task. And if you are traveling, consider packing a jewelry cleaning stick or wipe, which are easy to tuck into your luggage and beach bag.

  •      Women Owned Appeals
    to Women Who Buy
    Posted: 07/11/2018Why do consumers choose to shop at particular stores or purchase particular products? A wide variety of factors influence consumer shopping

    habits, from product mix to pricing, customer service, and whether the product or retailer meshes with an individual's convictions.


    Market research conducted within the last five years by the world’s largest retailer has shown that 90 percent of female customers will go out of their way to purchase products from woman-owned businesses, believing they would offer higher quality. Within the jewelry industry, where women make up a significant portion of the customers, this consumer behavior can be magnified. How can jewelers take advantage of this decision-making factor?


    The Kingswood Company has been certified as a women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) since 2006. And, starting this year, we are offering the option to place the WBENC Women Owned logo on private-label products we manufacture. The Women Owned program raises awareness of female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses, making it easier for consumers to identify and support businesses that are at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by one or more women.


    Jewelers understand that their customers are influenced by societal factors in their shopping habits. This is why many jewelers highlight ethical sourcing of diamonds, choose to make their stores as “green” as possible, or promote products that are Made in the USA (like ours). Women Owned has gained traction in the marketplace at a time when consumers are particularly attuned to women’s issues. Only businesses that are certified can use the logo, and The Kingswood Company is the only private-label jewelry care products manufacturer with the designation.


    Jewelers who choose to place this logo on their jewelry care products demonstrate to their customers their support of Women Owned businesses. And this can serve to differentiate jewelers from their competition, particularly in an industry with such a large number of female customers. It is an outstanding way to stand out from the crowd.

  •      Top 7 Tips Jewelry-
    Lovers Need to Know
    Posted: 06/13/2018It's easy to become a jewelry-lover. It may have started in childhood with a beautiful gift from your grandmother, or the day your partner

    slipped a diamond on your finger. Jewelry's beauty and emotional resonance makes many of us fall in love. And, when you become passionate about something, you want to know all the ins and outs.


    Here are the top 7 things you need to know to preserve your love affair with jewelry.



    You may have heard this tip from your mother or even some DIY spots on the internet, but it is not safe. The long handle puts too much pressure on prongs, and the bristles may scratch the metal. The small jewelry brush that is included in many professional jewelry cleaners is specially designed to safely clean jewelry.



    To get your jewelry to really sparkle, you need to clean under the stones as well as on top. Gemstones are set in prongs to allow light to shine through the stone, so if you have a build-up of oils and gunk under there, your stone loses its shine. The best way to do this is to soak the piece in a professional jewelry cleaning formula from your jeweler, or use a specially designed jewelry touch-up brush.



    Ultrasonic machines are popular for cleaning jewelry, but did you know that stones can fall out due to the vibration from the sound waves? Ultrasonic cleaners do require some extra caution and cannot be used on all jewelry. Be sure to follow the user instructions carefully and check with your jeweler to ensure the piece is safe for an ultrasonic. Cannot be used on all jewelry, especially pieces with pavé style settings.



    Many people are leery of cleaning pearls, which are loved for their delicate luster. But you can (and should) clean your pearls, particularly rings and earrings which easily get dirty. Wipe them down after each wearing with a microfiber cleaning cloth or a chamois. For a more thorough cleaning, use a gentle jewelry cleaning formulation from your jeweler, but do not soak strung pearls in the liquid.



    Your jewelry wardrobe likely includes some fun and fabulous fashion pieces. Because these pieces collect dirt and oils through regular wear, just like fine jewelry, they do need routine cleaning. Use a gentle jewelry cleaning formulation from your jeweler, but if the piece includes stones set with glue, do not soak it. A professional polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnish or discoloration from metals and to buff and polish all pieces.



    When you store your jewelry, be sure to separate various pieces and store them individually. Harder metals like silver and platinum can scratch softer metals like gold. Harder stones like diamonds and rubies can also scratch gold pieces. Use a jewelry box or roll designed for this purpose or even simply wrap individual pieces in tissue and place them in a zip-lock bag.



    This can save you from the heartache of losing stones, and the headache of an expensive repair or replacement. Plus - your jeweler will give your piece a fantastic professional cleaning. It's like a spa day for your jewelry.

  •      Kingswood announces expansion of physical plant to accommodate growthPosted: 05/29/2018The Kingswood Company, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, private-label

    jewelry care products, announced today an expansion of its manufacturing and office space to accommodate continued significant business growth. After expanding from 6,000 square feet to 11,500 square feet in 2014, this latest expansion will see the footprint increase to over 17,000 square feet.


    Since the last expansion in 2014, the company has more than doubled, seeing a compound annual growth rate of nearly 15 percent over five years. As leaders in the jewelry care category, this growth has been fueled by investments in expanded product and packaging options, carefully designed to anticipate and meet the needs of jewelry retailers. These successful products include multi-product cleaning kits, travel-friendly cleaning sticks and a foaming jewelry cleaner. Kingswood has also placed a premium on offering the most sophisticated and most customizable packaging options in the private-label jewelry care market.


    “After four years of significant growth, we once again had outgrown our existing manufacturing and office space,” explained Kristie Nicolosi, President & CEO of The Kingswood Company. “This growth is fully the result of our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, in terms of product options and manufacturing capabilities and capacity. We understand the luxury nature of the jewelry industry and are offering products and packaging of quality and design to enhance brands and to appeal to their customers’ sophisticated aesthetic.”


    Kingswood has differentiated itself in the private-label jewelry care market with a focus on understanding the end-consumer of the jewelry care product. As devotees of luxury products, jewelry customers respond to sophisticated products in all areas of their lives, including cosmetics, cleaning and care products. Jewelry retailers want to offer their customer products that clean effectively but in beautiful packaging that appeals to their customer’s aesthetic.


    Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1956, The Kingswood Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of private-label jewelry care products, serving thousands of retailers, designers and manufacturers worldwide.



  •      Kingswood incorporates Women Owned into Product OfferingsPosted: 05/29/2018The Kingswood Company, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, private-label

    jewelry care products and a certified women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) since 2006, has announced plans to integrate WBENC’s Women Owned initiative into their product offerings. Women Owned raises awareness of female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses, allowing consumers to identify and support businesses certified as at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by one or more women. Kingswood President & CEO, Kristie Nicolosi, acquired the company in 2005.


    A key element of the initiative is the ability to place the Women Owned logo on products and marketing materials. The program and logo, launched in 2015, identify products as manufactured by a women-owned business, a meaningful identifier for many consumers. Beginning in 2018, The Kingswood Company will offer inclusion of the logo on private-label products manufactured for their customers.


    “Though we have been certified as a women-owned business for more than a decade, we are excited about the Women Owned program and the traction it has gained recently in the market,” said Nicolosi. “Because businesses must be certified, and we are the only private-label jewelry care products manufacturer with the Women Owned designation, we are proud to be able to offer this logo placement to our customers on our private-label products.”


    Market research has shown that 90 percent of female customers will go out of their way to purchase products from women-owned businesses. The impact of this consumer behavior could be leveraged even more in industries where the purchaser is primarily women, such as jewelry. Retailers looking to stand out in a competitive market will be able to take advantage of Kingswood’s unique Women Owned designation to the benefit of their jewelry care product line.


    Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1956, The Kingswood Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of private-label jewelry care products, serving thousands of retailers, designers and manufacturers worldwide.



  •      Kingswood to launch Two New Private-Label Products at COUTUREPosted: 05/29/2018The Kingswood Company, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, private-label

    jewelry care products, will launch two exciting new private-label products, Jewelry Cleaning Wipes and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, at The COUTURE Show in Las Vegas, May 31 - June 4. Both debuting products are ideal for use on watches, meeting

    a significant need in the jewelry care market and allowing retailers to broaden their private-label jewelry care line. Kingswood returns to COUTURE for a fifth year as the sponsor of the popular Sparkle + Shine Lounge, where visitors can view and receive samples of the full line of jewelry care products the company has designed and

    produced for COUTURE.


    Easy to stash in a purse, luggage or desk drawer, the private-label Jewelry Cleaning Wipes make it simple to care for watches and jewelry on the go. Each wipe is individually wrapped to prevent moisture loss over time and is perfect for watches and other jewelry not as well suited to soaking in a liquid cleaning formula. The specialized,

    trade-secret wipe cleaning formulation is safe for all metals and varieties of jewelry, including delicate gemstones and fashion pieces, but strong enough to remove daily build-up of dirt and oils on watches, bracelets, bridal jewelry, bangles and more.


    “We are very excited to debut this highly anticipated product at COUTURE,” said Kristie Nicolosi, President & CEO of The Kingswood Company. “Our customers are looking for a private-label wipe option to expand their branded jewelry care line, in particular a product specialized for cleaning watches.”


    Kingswood’s private-label Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are far superior to the generic versions available in the market today. They are specially designed to expertly remove fingerprints, dirt and oils from metals, gemstones and watch faces without streaking or leaving lint residue. The cloths can be used alone or paired with a liquid cleaning formula and are perfect for travel. The 100-percent microfiber cloths are available in a woven or knit fabric with a scalloped or pinked edge in a variety of colors. With sophisticated, customized packaging, they are easily designed to match a retailer’s branding.


    “Our Microfiber Cleaning Cloths pair beautifully with our liquid jewelry cleaning formulas, Foaming Jewelry Cleaner or Sparkle + Shine Stick as part of a private-label jewelry cleaning system,” added Nicolosi. “Our retailers know that jewelry care is a two-step process of cleaning and polishing and are looking to offer their customers the best in cleaning and polishing options.”


    As private-label branding continues to grow as an essential component of a holistic brand strategy for jewelers, Kingswood is expanding their product line for retailers looking to maximize their customers’ in-store and online experience with fully customized products that enhance their luxury jewelry brand.


    The Kingswood Company is also exhibiting at JCK in The Plumb Club, Booth PC-255, June 1 – 4.


    Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1956, The Kingswood Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of private-label jewelry care products, serving thousands of retailers, designers and manufacturers worldwide.



  •      Kingswood to introduce New Ultrasonic & Minisonic at COUTUREPosted: 05/29/2018The Kingswood Company, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, private-label

    jewelry care products, will debut two ultrasonic jewelry cleaner options, the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner and the Mini-Sonic Jewelry Cleaner, during the COUTURE and JCK shows in Las Vegas, May 31 - June 4. Both options will be available in both privatelabel

    and stock options and will allow retailers to round out a private-label jewelry care line with a higher price point option that meets a consumer need.


    The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, available in the United States exclusively from The Kingswood Company, effectively cleans jewelry using a wave frequency perfect for cleaning delicate and intricate jewelry. The machine features a stainless steel 420 ml tank, 45 kHz frequency, 120-volt AC power, a jewelry basket, optional jewelry touch-up brush and/or watch holder, and can be used with water or with a liquid jewelry cleaning formulation. The cleaning cycle is three minutes long and concludes with an automatic shut-off for consumer safety and convenience. With modern styling, Kingswood’s Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner can be fully customized to fit with a retailer’s branding, including color-scheme, private labeling on the unit, and private-labeled packaging and instruction booklet.


    The Mini-Sonic Jewelry Cleaner also effectively cleans jewelry using ultrasonic technology with a lower frequency of 35 kHz. Kingswood’s Mini-Sonic is available at a lower price point and is an excellent value for a machine that is 120-volt AC powered rather than battery operated, as are most other mini-sonics in the market. The machine also includes a jewelry basket, can be used with water or a jewelry cleaning formulation, and can be fully customized with private labeling on the machine and packaging. “Our retailers know that their customers are looking to purchase ultrasonic cleaners for at-home use,” said Kristie Nicolosi, President & CEO of The Kingswood Company. “They are looking to offer a high-quality machine along with the right information and education to use this professional technology safely at home. We are proud to bring these exclusive products to the jewelry care market.”


    For retailers offering a comprehensive line of jewelry care products, an Ultrasonic or Mini-Sonic Jewelry cleaner is a meaningful addition to a luxury jewelry care line. Both will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018.


    Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1956, The Kingswood Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of private-label jewelry care products, serving thousands of retailers, designers and manufacturers worldwide.



  •      It's All About The BrandPosted: 05/10/2018In recent years, the prevalence of private-label branding has surged in many retail categories. What was once relegated to grocery items in a white box with a black block letters is now big business at retailers from Amazon to Target,

    Macy's and Tiffany. Retailers are learning how to mesh private-label products into their existing brand structure. Private-label products can provide higher margins and boost profits, but more importantly, they can offer exclusive products and experiences for your customers.


    In a challenging retail environment, businesses seek to connect with customers by maximizing each touch-point. The in-store experience, the online experience, sales associates, visual merchandising, marketing, plus smaller details like boxes and bags, all support a cohesive brand strategy. For jewelers, offering a line of private-label care and cleaning products fits solidly into a smart, holistic brand strategy.


    After they leave your store, your customers will need to clean their jewelry, and they will find the products to do so. Do not send them shopping elsewhere or suggest they DIY their own cleaner. You are the jewelry expert, so you should have professional products available, ideally ones that are exclusive to your brand. When you offer a private-label jewelry care line, you meet your customers' needs with a professional, and exclusive solution.


    Jewelers who have worked hard to build a respected, luxury brand need a care line that meets the same standards of quality. Choosing sub-par care products in low-quality packaging erodes the equity jewelers have built in their brand. Customers appreciate luxury touches and respond to packaging with elegant styling, like that found at a high-end cosmetics counter. You want to offer cleaning products that feel like Clinique, not Mr. Clean.


    Be sure to choose a manufacturing partner whose capabilities match your brand's required level of luxury and exclusivity. You want more than just a sticker on a jar. Your partner should deliver high-quality cleaning formulas, outstanding design and packaging options, quality control assurances, product liability insurance, as well as the experience, capacity and leadership to deliver a quality finished product.


    Jewelry care products are the only consumable products you offer your customers. When you provide high-quality, luxury products, your customers will continue to associate your brand with a product they love. They will use it, recommend it to friends, and come back for more!

  •      You Are The ProfessionalPosted: 04/04/2018After a sale, does your business offer complimentary cleanings to its customers? Do you offer inspections of the same piece? Do you differentiate between the two?

    During the warm glow of a successful sale, some jewelers do not give the clearest of information regarding care and cleaning of the piece. Jewelers know that to properly care for a piece of jewelry, it should be taken to a jeweler once or twice a year for a thorough inspection, which includes a professional cleaning. But, sometimes that message does not get clearly expressed.


    You may tell your customers to "bring it back anytime for a cleaning." In your mind this may mean an inspection and cleaning. But, your customer may think, "How nice that I can bring it back for a cleaning, but I can do that at home too."


    The language used is important. A "cleaning" sounds like a nice offer, but an "inspection" sounds like an important appointment. It is a call to action, not to be missed. Jewelers who minimize an inspection by referring to it as a cleaning miss an opportunity to establish themselves as experts in their field. An inspection does include a cleaning, but it also requires a jeweler use her expertise to examine the stones and settings for damage or weakness.


    That said, do not miss the opportunity to educate your customer about the importance of jewelry cleaning, both professional and at-home. Offer a line of professional jewelry cleaning products and share routine, at-home cleaning tips with your customers. But also emphasize the importance of coming back in for annual inspections. (When you order your professional cleaners from us, this language comes standard on the back of every jar - ask your Account Executive for more details).


    Your customer will appreciate your expertise and will enjoy her inspected and well-cleaned piece for years to come.

  •      Spring Clean
    Your Jewelry
    Posted: 03/19/2018Before April Fool's Day arrives with its flurry of fun pranks, National Cleaning Week is on the docket March 26 - April 1, celebrating

    (and encouraging) a cleaner America. Cleaning jewelry is such a satisfying task to check off the spring cleaning list. You can help your customers by offering them the right tools and information, so that their jewelry is sparkling like new, ready to reflect the beautiful spring sun.


    Here are our top five tips for cleaning all of the jewelry in one's wardrobe, from bridal to fashion pieces.


    1. Soak your jewelry in a liquid cleaning formula for a couple of minutes. Your jeweler can help you choose a formulation that is safe for your jewelry. Steer clear of home remedies such as Mr. Clean, toothpaste, vinegar and boiling water, all of which can damage your jewelry.
    2. To get dirt and grime out from under settings, mountings and crevices, use a small jewelry brush with light pressure. Do not use a toothbrush or, even worse, and electric toothbrush, as these put way too much pressure on the piece and can cause damage.
    3. Cleaning jewelry, especially pieces with links or set stones, is a two-step process of soaking with a cleanser and then polishing and buffing with a polishing cloth. Once you have cleaned your piece with a liquid cleanser and jewelry brush, buff with a professional polishing cloth from your jeweler. Some polishing cloths have a treated layer, which can remove tarnish from metals as well.
    4. You might also consider taking your jewelry to your jeweler for an annual inspection and cleaning. This is like a spa day for your jewelry! Your jeweler will examine the piece, looking for damage to the stones or settings. Then, she will give it a fantastic professional cleaning, which will leave your jewelry looking like new.
    5. Since it's spring break season, you may need to spring clean your jewelry while away from home. A jewelry cleaning stick is the perfect on-the-go product, with a cleanser and brush built right in.

  •      Brides-to-Be
    Need to Know
    Posted: 02/21/2018Prince Harry has long been loved for his joie de vivre. He approaches life with passion, often stepping outside the royal box. So, it came as no

    surprise to many when he and his non-English, commoner, actress girlfriend announced their engagement in November (gasp!). Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story shines, and so does the ring Harry chose to represent it. The ring features a large center stone from Botswana, a country with deep meaning to the couple, framed by two side diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection. Cue a rush on three stone rings; they are bound to be the next big thing.


    Brides-to-be, from Meghan to the girl next door, swoon when they look at that beautiful ring. But, many newly engaged gals have never owned a piece of fine jewelry, and might not know what they should do next.


    Your customers will look to you for helpful information. It’s a great idea to have a list of best practices you can share, along with your best wishes. Here are our five top expert suggestions for you to share:


    • For most, step one is posting an engagement ring selfie to social media. Meghan and Harry held a professional photo shoot, but non-royals can also make sure to capture a share-worthy snap. Just make sure the ring is clean and sparkling, find some great lighting (natural is best), and have those nails manicured. Bonus points for a clever hashtag!


    • The best way to clean bridal jewelry, for a photo shoot and everyday life, is with a professional jewelry cleaning formula and polishing cloth from a professional jeweler. Routine cleaning can be done as often as daily, and should become part of your daily routine. Be sure to ask your jeweler what formulation is safe for the stones and metal in your ring. And, avoid at-home cleaning tricks, like pure ammonia, toothpaste and vinegar, all of which can cause damage.


    • Don’t forget to insure your new ring against loss and damage. Reach out to your insurance agent, as you may need a rider on your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. It’s a great idea to take photo of your ring and store it with paperwork documenting its value (you can get this from your jeweler).


    • Be smart about when and where you wear your ring. Leave it in a safe spot off your finger when you are cleaning, exercising, heading to the beach or pool, gardening, and even for some cooking projects. It’s also a good idea to put your jewelry on last during your morning routine, after you have used lotions, hairsprays and perfume.


    • Finally, take your bridal jewelry to your jeweler at least once a year for an inspection. Jewelers know how to look for damage, loose settings or chipped stones. This will give you peace of mind, and may even be required by your insurance policy. Plus, your jeweler will clean your ring professionally, so it will look like new.

  •      Super Bowl Super ShinePosted: 02/02/2018On Sunday, football fans and non-fans alike will nosh on buffalo dip and guacamole and watch the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles battle for the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Winning the Super Bowl is big. Really Big.

    And so are the rings designed to memorialize every football player’s biggest dream. Most jewelry tells a story, and that’s exactly what Super Bowl rings do—tell the story of the winning team, the big game and their season of glory.


    After their triumph, the winning team comes up with design ideas for the ring and work with a manufacturer to execute their team’s story in gold and gemstones. And, there are usually lots and lots of diamonds. Last year, after the Patriots’ come-from-behind overtime win, the celebratory ring featured 283 diamonds, commemorating the team’s rally from a 28-3 deficit. That’s some serious bling with a serious price tag (an estimated $37,000 per ring, which is paid for by the NFL).


    In fact, it seems like each year the rings get bigger and blingier. Most designs now include the team’s logo, the Lombardi trophy, and a declaration of the team as world champions, as well as each player’s name and number on the side. Subtle they are not, but commemorating the biggest day for the biggest men calls for big sparkle.


    Because of their flash and size, most players don’t wear the rings on a regular basis. So, when they pull them out for a special event, they will want to make sure they are clean and sparkling. As with any piece of jewelry, Super Bowl rings should be cleaned with a formulation specially designed for cleaning jewelry and which is safe for the gemstones incorporated in the piece. With all the detail involved, using a small jewelry brush would help to get out any dirt or oils from around the stones and in the crevices. We think a Sparkle + Shine Stick would be perfect for the job, along with a polishing cloth for that champion-worthy finishing touch.


    Photo Credit: Jostens. Jostens has made the most Super Bowl Rings in history, with 33 to their credit.

  •      Ultra Violet'sUltra MomentPosted: 01/10/2018Pantone got a head start on the New Year, announcing their Color of the Year for 2018 back in December. Each year, Pantone forecasts a

    hue that will be influential in fashion and beyond. In crowning Ultra Violet (Pantone shade 18-3838), Pantone cited it as spiritual, cosmic and as a hue that "pushes the boundaries of what inspires us to look upward and outward to the future." They also assert that the shade "evokes the inventive spirit and imaginative thinking that challenges the status quo."


    Those are some heavy expectations from a mere color, but the world can certainly use more inventive spirits and imaginative thinkers. And, color does indeed both impact and reflect our moods, which is part of the appeal of gemstone jewelry. Will jewelers see an increase in demand for purple gemstones such as amethyst, purple sapphire, spinel and tourmaline, from customers who see the shade emerge in fashion, home design and more?


    We're not sure, but the shade has long been loved in jewelry circles. Here are some of our favorite jewelry-related ultra violets:


       1. The Delhi Purple Sapphire. This stone housed in the London History Museum is supposedly cursed. When donated to the museum, the accompanying letter claimed that it was looted from the treasure of the Temple of God Indra at Cawnpore and had brought misfortune to those who possessed it. The gem, which is set in a ring in the form of a snake, is on view at the museum. Fun facts: it's actually an amethyst, and neither the museum nor visitors have suffered any known ill effects, bringing its cursed nature into serious question.


       2. The Power Stone. For those of you who aren't Guardians of the Galaxy geeks, The Power Stone is a purple stone contained in an orb which carries the power to destroy entire civilizations. Woah. Thus, the bad buys were hot on Chris Pratt's heels trying to gain its power for themselves. It is one of six Infinity Stones featured in the comic book and movie series.


       3. The Kent Amethysts. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II may not be excited by Pantone's announcement, as she doesn't wear purple gemstones, including the Kent Amethysts, often. The set, or parure, originally belonged to Queen Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent. Queen Victoria inherited the necklace, earrings, hair combs and three brooches and left them to the crown upon her death. Perhaps future royals will see fit to let them shine more often.


       4. The Kingswood Company Fine Jewelry Cleaner in Royal Purple. Speaking of shining, our Fine Jewelry Cleaner cleans gemstones of all colors, including diamond, amethyst, sapphire and tourmaline. Jewelers looking to embrace the Ultra Violet trend might consider choosing this formulation in Royal Purple. Yes, The Kingswood Company offered Royal Purple way before it became the cool thing to do. Consider us imaginative thinkers who challenged the status quo!

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