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Clean + Care™ Professional
Ultrasonic Machine


The Clean + Care™ Professional Ultrasonic Machine, available in the United States exclusively from The Kingswood Company, effectively cleans jewelry using a wave frequency perfect for cleaning delicate and intricate jewelry. The machine features a stainless steel 420 ml tank; 45kHz frequency; 120 volt AC power; a jewelry basket; optional jewelry touch-up brush and/or watch holder; and can be used with water or with a liquid jewelry cleaning formulation. The cleaning cycle is three minutes long, and concludes with an automatic shut-off for consumer safety. With modern styling, the Kingswood Clean + Care™ Professional Ultrasonic Machine can be fully customized to fit with a retailer’s branding, including color-scheme, private labeling on the unit, and private-labeled packaging and instruction booklet.


Use with water or cleaning formulas

Ideal for delicate and intricate jewelry pieces

High-powered ultrasonic wave technology

About the Clean + Care™ Professional Ultrasonic Machine:

3-minute timer with auto shutoff

Clear lid to view jewelry

Available for distribution
in USA, CA, EU, Asia

Jewelry basket included

Exclusive to
The Kingswood Company

8oz liquid capacity