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Private-Label Foaming Jewelry Cleaner


Our Private-Label Foaming Jewelry Cleaner offers an easy and fun-to-use way for your customers to clean their jewelry. The foaming cleaning formulation is safe for use on a wide variety of jewelry, including pearls, soft and porous stones, enamel, treated gemstones, beads and fashion jewelry. The pump dispenser creates a foaming action which effectively cleans daily build-up of dirt and oils from jewelry without agitation. With each use, your customers dispense the perfect quantity of fresh solution into the custom-designed, flat-top cap, perfectly sized to hold a ring or pair of earrings.


Available in a five-ounce, pump action bottle. Formulation is available in Aquamarine Blue with a lovely gardenia scent.


Foaming action quickly removes oils and grime

Ideal for rings and earrings

Visibly watch the suds
clean your jewelry

Customization Options

Hover your mouse over the color swatches to see examples.

Liquid Color

Aquamarine Blue

Top Color

Ink Color



*Ask an Account Executive for minimum order quantity.



*Ask an Account Executive for minimum order quantity.

How to Use:

To safely clean your jewelry, remove the top and place jewelry in the convenient cap and pump the formula until bubbles fill the cup. Wait until the bubbles have fully dissolved before removing your jewelry and rinsing off. Blot dry. Polish with a Private-Label Polishing Cloth to restore shine!

Best Used On:

Our customers chose our Private-Label Foaming Jewelry Cleaner because it is safe and great to use on small jewelry, such as rings and earrings.

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Custom-designed cap doubles as a container to hold your jewelry

Customize directions on the back to include your name

About the Private-Label Foaming Jewelry Cleaner :

5oz of formula allows up to 50 applications

Made in USA

Minimum order is 1500.

Choose the cleaning product and cloth
to suit your needs, and we'll design a
customized care system exclusive to
your brand that your customers will love.




Increase add-on sales with an attractive
Point-of-Sale Display to showcase your
beautiful jewelry care product line.