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Private-Label Jewelry Cleaning Wipes


Easy to stash in a purse, luggage, gym bag or desk drawer, our new Private-Label Jewelry Cleaning Wipes are perfect for jewelry care for the on-the-go customer. Each wipe is individually packaged and sealed, so they will not dry out over time. Your customer can keep one or two wherever they choose for whenever they might need to quickly give their favorite piece a quick shine.


Ideal for watches or other jewelry customers prefer not to soak in a liquid formulation, the wipe allows for easy cleaning of links, clasps and bracelets.


With a lovely gardenia scent, the trade-secret cleaning formulation is safe for all metals and jewelry, including pearls, delicate gemstones and fashion jewelry. It is also strong enough to remove daily build-up of dirt and oils on watch bracelets, bridal and other jewelry that is worn every day.


Both individual sachets and exterior box packaging are fully customizable.


TSA-approved size is perfect for traveling

Ideal for watches or other larger jewelry that can't be soaked

Surfactant-based formula gives instant shine

How to Use:

Open the packet and unfold the towelette. Remove your jewelry and gently wipe to remove build-up of oils and dirt. Rinse with water and wash hands after use. Blot dry. Polish with a Private-Label Polishing Cloth to restore shine! Discard used wipe after each use.

Best Used On:

These Private-Label Jewelry Cleaning Wipes are perfect for watches and all varieties of jewelry including diamonds, pearls, soft and porous stones, treated gemstones, beads and fashion jewelry.

Minimum order is 10,000 units

About the Private-Label Jewelry Cleaning Wipes:

Thicker wipe
material is more durable when in use

Extra-large 5"x6" towelette

Packaged in packs of ten

Individually packaged to preserve moisture

Fully customizable packaging both on the wipes and box

Made in USA

Lovely gardenia scent for pleasant user experience

Increase add-on sales with an attractive
Point-of-Sale Display to showcase your
beautiful jewelry care product line.