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Point-of-Sale & Education Tools

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Luxury Point-of-Sale Display

Our 11.5 in. x 8 in. professional acrylic Luxury Point-of-Sale Display is designed to fit near your cash-wrap, repair desk, or other high traffic store areas to generate add-on sales and provide the opportunity to teach your customers how to care for their purchases. The Luxury POS Display is the optimal way to display your luxury style jars and kits.


The Luxury POS Display fits 15 to 60 units depending on your choice of products.  You can customize your acrylic frame with graphic signage to engage your customers. The back of your signage can include product information and selling points, giving your sales associates an easy to-use reference sheet that is always on hand. The Luxury POS Display also comes with Clean + Care™ Education Cards that can be fully customized.


Customers are eligible for a complementary Luxury POS Display stand with a purchase of three or more Private- Label products, or a minimum order total of $3,500.


*MOQ = One Unit.


Have multiple locations and interested in more customized solutions? Contact an Account Executive to request more information on our custom display solutions and incorporating display solutions in your stores.



Use the below chart to determine which display is best suited for your product line.

4oz or 6oz Classic Jewelry Cleaner Jars

4oz or 8oz Luxury Jewelry Cleaner Jars

8oz Classic Jewelry Cleaner Jars

6 in. x 8 in. Professional Polishing Cloths

Sparkle + Shine Sticks in 5-panel Packaging

Classic Custom Jewelry Care Systems

Luxury Custom Jewelry Care Systems

Clean + Care Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Clean + Care Jewelry Cleaning Wipes

Clean + Care Education Cards

12 in. x 15 in. Professional Polishing Cloths

5oz Foaming Jewelry Cleaner

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Sparkle + Shine Cleaning Duos


Fits Anywhere

Display it All

Advertise + Engage

Superior Quality

The small footprint of the
11.5 in. x 8 in. professional acrylic display easily fits
on counter-tops.

Larger shelves provide space for any combination of your custom luxury products
to be displayed.

The interchangeable signage is customized with strong messaging that appeals to your customers. The back of your signage can include useful product information for your employees to easily reference.

Our POS displays are made in the USA using durable, superior quality plexiglass. Plexiglass provides a sophisticated and modern look that is designed to last.

The Smart Way to Display

Give your customers the confidence to clean at home

You can inform, educate and encourage your customers to clean and care for their jewelry with Clean + Care Education Cards.


Let us help you go from dated to dazzling.

Click here for 5 tips to successfully display
your private-label jewelry care line