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Mini-Sonic Cleaners


The Mini-Sonic Jewelry Cleaner effectively cleans jewelry using ultrasonic technology with a 33 kHz frequency. The Kingswood Mini-Sonic is available at a lower price point, and is an excellent value for a machine that is 120 volt AC powered rather than battery operated, as are most other mini-sonics in the market. The machine also includes a jewelry basket, can be used with water or a jewelry cleaning formulation, and can be fully customized with private labeling on the machine and packaging.


Minimum order quantity is 5,000


Use with water or cleaning formulas

No need for batteries

Uses sonic wave technology

About the Mini-Sonic Cleaner:

Includes 4-foot cord
(no need for batteries)

Easy to control on/off switch

Clear lid to view jewelry

6oz liquid capacity

Jewelry basket included

Increase add-on sales with an attractive
Point-of-Sale Display to showcase your
beautiful jewelry care product line.