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Private-Label Natural Jewelry Cleaner


The newest addition to our trade-secret product line, our Private-Label Natural Jewelry Cleaner is an all-botanical, hypoallergenic formula that is naturally derived, water soluble and devoid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our trade-secret combination of natural ingredients cleans jewelry beautifully, leaving it sparkling after a brief soak. No agitation required.


Our Private-Label Natural Jewelry Cleaner is available in classic six-ounce and four-ounce jar sizes or luxury eight-ounce and four-ounce jar sizes. A jewelry dipping basket and a touch-up brush are also available options.


Because it is an all-natural formula, it is available only in its natural color, which is a cloudy-clear liquid with some natural variations.


Naturally-derived formula

Ideal for diamonds, gold, platinum

All-botanical, water soluble and devoid of VOCs

How to Use:

Immerse jewelry in Private-Label Natural Jewelry cleaner each day for two minutes. Repeat as needed to remove additional grime and oils. Blot dry. Polish with a Private-Label Polishing Cloth to restore shine! Fine jewelry should be inspected annually by a professional jeweler.

Best Used On:

This Private-Label Natural Jewelry Cleaner is specially formulated to clean fine gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Do not use on pearls, emeralds, opals or other porous gemstones.

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