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Our Commitment

The Kingswood Company is committed to manufacturing exceptional jewelry care products that allow you to create an exclusive jewelry care line that reflects your brand. Ours are the most effective formulas in the market, have stood the test of time, and are distributed worldwide. We are also committed to conducting business in an environmentally sustainable manner, and our products are Made in the U.S.A.



At The Kingswood Company, we foster a culture built on hard work, commitment and citizenship. That is why we are committed not only to producing a superior product, but also to giving back to our community and our customers. Our employees are involved in a number of organizations that make meaningful impact on our local community. In addition, we provide financial support to organizations like Women’s Jewelry Association and Jewelers for Children.


We are also committed to reducing our environmental impact, which affects all communities worldwide. Our Fine Jewelry Cleaner and Gentle Jewelry Cleaner have always been non-toxic and biodegradable. And our new Natural Jewelry Cleaner is all-botanical and naturally derived. But we realize that there is more to sustainability than buzz words. Following is a summary of where we are focusing our efforts and making strides to do even more.

Think Local

Nearly one hundred percent of our suppliers are based in the United States. This is a win for our national economy and the planet. Buying raw materials from local suppliers results in fewer road miles traveled for the materials to get to our production facility in Ohio. We specifically seek out local and regional suppliers for heavy materials such as corrugate and chemicals. When we do buy from national sources, we work to ensure that inbound shipments are consolidated and utilize back-haul shipping lanes to conserve fuel usage.

Packaging (Reduce)

When it comes to packaging, we believe that less is more. In 2006, before many companies were even focused on green initiatives, The Kingswood Company introduced a new jar design that uses significantly less plastic. This change alone saves over 25,000 pounds of plastic each year and results in less fuel used to transport both raw materials and our final product.


In addition to reducing the amount of plastic we use, we are also committed to utilizing as much recycled material as possible in our jars, caps, baskets and brushes. We also source our corrugate from suppliers that use recycled waste in their manufacturing process. And we remain hopeful that our customers also reuse and recycle the boxes and plastics that they receive from us!

Community Partnership (Reuse)

While The Kingswood Company has worked hard to improve environmental sustainability for many years, until recently that work really focused on the Recycle and Reduce portions of the waste hierarchy. In 2013, we added Reuse to the mix. By partnering with a local moving and storage company, roughly 2,500 pounds of cardboard which we used to recycle is now being reused as moving and storage boxes.

Corporate Office (Recycle)

The Kingswood Company practices a variety of energy-saving strategies in our corporate and production facility, including ensuring that lights, computers, and heating and cooling systems are off when the office is not in use.


The recycling program we instituted in 2009 reduced manufacturing waste by over 65 percent. And our employees are encouraged to use public transportation and carpooling to and from work.