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Point-of-Sale Display & Education Tools


Our 10.5 in. x5.5 in. acrylic Point-of-Sale display stand is designed to fit near your cash-wrap, repair desk or other location to help generate add-on sales and present the opportunity to teach your customers about jewelry care. The stand holds any combination of six-ounce or four-ounce jars and polishing cloths with our Caring for Your JewelryTM Cards.


The Caring for Your JewelryTM customer education cards answer the ever-important question, “How do I clean my jewelry?”. With an easy-to-use chart and reference guide, your customers can quickly find the formulary best suited to clean any specific piece of jewelry.  The stand holds 12 to 20 units, depending on arrangement.


Display to hold any combination of products

Educate your customers on
how to properly keep their
jewelry sparkling and shining

Customize signage to display engaging messaging

Retail Point-of-Sale

Your products are professional, trade-secret formulations designed specifically for cleaning jewelry. Positioning your line at your cash wrap will encourage customers to learn more about jewelry care and will enable you to provide them with the products and education they will need once they leave your store.

Jewelry Care Education

You can inform, educate and encourage your customers to clean and care for their jewelry with your custom product line. Offering clear and consistent care and cleaning content on your website and in collateral pieces will position you as the expert. Your customers don’t want old wives’ tales; they want professional products and expert care information.

About the Classic Point-of-Sale Display:

Custom design the

signage with your messaging

Take-away cards provide details on each product

and how to use them

Staggered shelves

provide space for any combination of products

Small footprint fits on counters