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Private-Label Fine Jewelry Cleaner


For over 60 years, our customers have made our Private-Label Fine Jewelry Cleaner our most popular trade-secret formula. This cleaner uses an advanced surfactant-based formula rather than a detergent-based one, requiring no agitation or rinsing, and leaving jewelry sparkling like new.


Our Private-Label Fine Jewelry Cleaner is available in classic six-ounce and four-ounce jar sizes or luxury eight-ounce and four-ounce jar sizes, and has a light lavender scent. A jewelry dipping basket and a touch-up brush are also available options.


You can choose from four gemstone colors: Royal Purple, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Sweetheart Pink.


Expertly and effortlessly cleans fine jewelry

Ideal for diamonds, gold, and platinum

Surfactant-based formula

How to Use:

Immerse your jewelry in a Fine Private-Label Jewelry Cleaner each day for two minutes. Agitation and rinsing are not required. Blot dry. Polish with a Private-Label Polishing Cloth to restore shine! Fine jewelry should be inspected annually by a professional jeweler.

Best Used On:

This Private-Label Fine Jewelry Cleaner is specially formulated to clean fine gold and platinum jewelry as well as harder gemstones such as diamonds. Do not use on pearls or other porous gemstones.

About the Private-Label Fine Jewelry Cleaner:

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