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Private-Label Silver Jewelry Cleaner


Our customers continue to choose our Private-Label Silver Cleaner because it is the mildest tarnish remover in the industry. Using a mild organic, acidic base, it quickly and efficiently removes tarnish without the risk of pitting or excessive silver loss that can occur with harsher products. It is designed to work on pieces that are made only of sterling silver. The addition of a lavender scent to our formula helps mask the odor typically found in similar products, allowing for a more enjoyable consumer experience.


Our Private-Label Silver Jewelry Cleaner is available in classic six-ounce and four-ounce jar sizes or luxury eight-ounce and four-ounce jar sizes with optional clear dip basket (no brush as this is product is formulated for dipping). It is available in Soft blue.


Expertly and effortlessly cleans sterling silver

Ideal for sterling silver jewelry

Organic acid, surfactant-based formula

How to Use:

Immerse jewelry in Private-Label Silver Cleaner for one minute. Remove and rinse. Repeat as necessary. Blot dry. Polish with a Private-Label Polishing Cloth to restore shine! Fine jewelry should be inspected annually by a professional jeweler.

Best Used On:

This Private-Label Silver Cleaner is specially formulated to clean fine silver jewelry without polishing or scrubbing. Do not use on gold, pearls, coral, turquoise, malachite or other porous stones. This formula can remove designer antiquing or oxidation if jewelry is immersed for too long.

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About the Private-Label Silver Jewelry Cleaner:


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